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Osteopathy can be good for detox, health and energy

Osteopathy can help improve your overall health in more ways than you think.

If you have not suffered Musculoskeletal pain then you may never have visited an Osteopath.


However maybe you should.

Osteopaths correct and restore the correct function to your spine, joints, muscles, and blood circulation so that your body can heal itself - naturally! Your joints can become out of line over time, or due to injury, which can lead to chronic physical pain and emotional stress.

The spine is the centre of your body and supports the function of so many systems in your body. If your spine is not aligned properly, this can impact on nerve communication and ultimately the way your body functions.

Say goodbye to toxins

We all have toxins in our bodies. And no matter how much exercise, drinking water and healthy lifestyle changes we make…we will never be able to completely remove all toxins.

However, Osteopathy adjustments can help to release toxins that have built up in the body over time.


Osteopaths use certain techniques like soft tissue release, articulation and manipulation with the aim to improve circulation to the affected area. This in turn will help with drainage of toxins and bringing nutrition to the area to aid healing.

Releasing toxins not only encourages a healthier body, but it also helps us to reduce the following factors: lack of energy; headaches; acne, brittle hair or nails; minor aches; restlessness; weight loss;  hair falling out; digestive issues and some allergies.

Osteopathy can cultivate positive energy

Everywhere we look we are told to exercise. And yes exercise is great for your overall physical and mental health. But if you are exercising with poor alignment you run the risk of damaging your skeletal structure and causing pain.

It is essential that your spine and joint alignment is checked before doing any exercise, not only for your own safety, but also to ensure you gain as much from the exercise as possible.

This is particularly important when it comes to Pilates.

Pilates involves movements and positions that encourage you to stretch your body to help relieve pain and improve flexibility. However without proper spine alignment, some of these positions may be difficult, painful or impossible to achieve.

We, as Osteopaths, often recommend Pilates to our patients as it works hand in hand to help your body move freely and comfortably.

The best thing about Osteopathy is that it’s an ancient practice that is purely natural. There are no drugs used at all. It’s just you and your Osteopath making some minor adjustments to ensure you feel the very best you can.

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