Osteopathy in Pregnancy

Can I have Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy?

Osteopathy during pregnancy

Osteopathic treatment at The Mersea Road Clinic Colchester is a safe and natural way to relieve pain during pregnancy or any post birth discomfort the new mother may experience.

Osteopathy in pregnancy

During pregnancy the musculo-skeletal system needs to accommodate and adapt to the growing baby.

Sometimes, particularly if the mother has experienced back or joint pain before, the ability for the body to adapt to the expanding womb is challenged and this is when pain or discomfort can occur.

Pregnancy related pains are most commonly felt in the low back, pelvis, hips and ribs but restrictions can occur anywhere in the body.

Osteopathy during pregnancy utilises the bodies instinctive ability to adapt and gives your body the extra help it may need by balancing the pelvis and releasing restricted areas.

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Acupuncture during pregnancy

Your Osteopath may discuss using medical Acupuncture as part of your course of treatment during pregnancy.  If you feel comfortable with this then Dry Needling is a safe and effective way of relieving muscle and joint pain during pregnancy. Please click here to read more about what medical acupuncture is, what you can expect to experience during treatment and how accupuncture can help.


Getting ready for birth

Towards the end of your pregnancy the body starts to release hormones to prepare for birth, this makes the body more mobile and this can lead to muscles over contracting to protect the joints. The joint at the front of the pelvis, is often affected by too much movement and tight muscles and is a common source of pain known as SPD. Osteopathy offers effective treatments that can help to ease these pains.


Post labour Osteopathy

Many women can also experience pain or discomfort after the delivery and this commonly depends on what experience they had during labour and the birth process. Here at the Mersea Road Clinic in Colchester our Osteopaths can help the new mother recover after a difficult labour and help the body adapt to strains that they may experience in with having a new born baby.