What to Expect from our Osteopath Clinic in Colchester...

Find out what to expect during your first visit

On your first visit to The Mersea Road Clinic, Colchester, your Osteopath will take a thorough case history. This means they will ask you questions about your condition or pain and also questions about your past medical history and general health. This enables the Osteopath to understand what might be causing your symptoms and decide if Osteopathy can help.

Details on investigations you may have had in the past and any prescribed medication you take will be discussed. Your first Osteopathic consultation is chance for you to discuss your symptoms and complaint in detail and this normally takes between 20 minutes and half an hour depending on the complaint.

Examination by your Osteopath

Once the case history is taken, your Osteopath will want to examine you and you may be asked to remove some items of clothing to aid the examination. To begin with the Osteopath is likely to have you standing so they can observe your overall posture. They may then ask you do some simple movements so they can assess how your spine and joints are functioning. Osteopaths use their hands to diagnose areas of restriction and pain within the body but they may also use some medical diagnostic tools, for example, take your blood pressure or reflexes.

Every Osteopathic examination is tailored to the individual and their symptoms and it will therefore be different for everyone. Before any examination is carried out it will be fully explained to you. Sometimes the Osteopathic examination can be a little uncomfortable because the osteopath may need to provoke your symptoms in order to formulate a diagnosis, but in general the examination will not be painful.

Diagnosis by your Osteopath

Once the Osteopathic examination is complete then your practitioner will explain their findings and the diagnosis to you. They will also give you an honest opinion if Osteopathy can help and how many treatments you are likely to require to improve. Although rare, your practitioner may decide you need further investigations or onward referral before Osteopathic treatment can begin but this will be fully explained and discussed with you first.

Treatment usually begins on your initial consultation and after care advice will also be given to aid your recovery. Follow up treatments that you may require will involve a brief discussion about your progress since your last visit but will more tailored to treatment. Your Osteopath may also give you lifestyle and exercise advice during the course of treatment so you are able to self manage your condition and avoid future injury.

Treatment from your Osteopath

Osteopathic treatment will vary with each individual and each technique will be explained to you. Osteopathic techniques include joint articulation, soft tissue massage, muscle stretches tension release, gentle adjustment and manipulation of joints.

You can ask questions at any time during your consultations or call our team if you have questions after treatment. Our Osteopaths here at the Mersea Road Clinic would prefer you asked questions rather than worry about your pain or be confused over your diagnosis.