Babies and Children

Osteopathy for Babies and Children in Colchester

Can Osteopathy help my child?

Osteopaths at The Mersea Road Clinic in Colchester look for tension and restriction in your child using the same principles and similar techniques as they would in an adult.

Our team of expereinced Osteopaths aim to remove these tensions and restrictions, sometimes with very gently and subtle techniques called Cranial Osteopathy.

Just as an adult will feel relief from freeing tight areas so will your child and in response to this will often feel more relaxed, calm and comfortable.  For more information on Cranial Osteopathy please see the Cranial Osteopathy section.

Babies often present for Osteopathic treatment after a difficult labour or birth. As the child travels through the birth canal their heads are subject to a lot of pressure which under most circumstances they are excellent at adapting to. However, sometimes, particularly with prolonged labour or intervention, these forces can be too much.


Mersea Road Clinic
Mersea Road Clinic

Can you treat children of all ages?

Yes, we do treat babies and children of all ages and our Osteopaths will devise a treatment plan for each individual.

We have a number of Osteopaths trained in Cranial Osteopathy for babies and children and our most common source of introduction is recommendations from the parent's and families of the children we treated before.


Finding a solution to your child's condition can be a stressful period. To find out more about the range of treatments available for your child please speak to a member of our team here are The Mersea Road Clinic.