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Simple health tips that you can start today

Our team of health experts share their simple health and fitness tips that you can start today

Here’s some health tips and advice that you can start today from our team at Mersea Road Clinic


Massage Therapist Steven shares his top tip for recovering from an injury...and it may not please everyone:


"When recovering from any injury, be it acute or chronic, and inflammation is visible or not, avoid alcohol if possible during the rehabilitation period. As alcohol is an inflammatory it may actually hamper a speedy recovery."


Osteopath Steve top tip for desk sitters:


"Diaphragmatic breathing is essential, especially for those sitting at a desk all day! Take deep belly breaths that expand the diaphragm. These can help reduce stress, blood pressure, irritable bowel symptoms, improve core stability...the list goes on! A fantastic easy exercise with many benefits."


Health tip from our Massage Therapist Michelle:


“Maybe take a look at your surroundings at work more. If you're an office worker, is your chair in the best position for your long days sitting at a desk? Is your screen in the correct position? Are you forever tilting your head when talking on the phone? You do not want to be bent over the desk, slouching or over extending your neck.

Review your desk now and by making small adjustments, you may help prevent long term posture changes...or even injury “


Top injury tip from Senior Osteopath David...


"Google does not and has never had a qualification in injury prevention or treatment! So why ask it for advice in these areas ? Speak to a qualified practitioner for the best and evidence based advice that will optimise your chance to get back to full fitness"


Health Tip from Osteopath Richard:


"Twinges and niggles can be a warning sign that something isn't right. if niggles persist its always better to have a check up before a more serious injuty occurs." 


Top injury prevention tip from Osteopath Sam...


"Be mindful. Heavy lifting injuries are actually not as common as you might think. Injuries are more likely to occur when we do not think or prepare for the movement of even lift the lightest of objects. Always be mindful about your movement especially when carrying or picking up your children or pets."


Top health tip from our Massage Therapist Steven:


“Set yourself a mini challenge...Aim for 8 hours sleep; drink more water; eat more green veg; take the stairs instead of the lift; go for a walk at lunchtime or after work”


Hydration tip from Osteopath Vicky:


“Don't underestimate the importance of staying hydrated! Not only is it important for staying alert, but the body NEEDS water to function properly. Dehydration can play a role in all sorts of aches and pains, and not least of all, stubborn headaches!”


Warm up tip from Sports Massage Therapist Steven:


“Warming up and cooling down is part of your workout! Don’t skip this. Include stretching to help improve flexibility and prevent injury. Also, don’t compete with others in yoga class...stretching to the point of pain/over stretching will result injury.”


Fitness tip from Osteopath Keith:


“If you are thinking of doing couch to 5k running regime, make sure you get fitted for trainers in a shop who check that they are correct for your gait. Remember just because they look good, it doesn't mean they support you correctly.”

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