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8 Massage Ball Exercises that you need to know about

How massage balls can help alleviate pain, increase mobility, improve blood flow and aid in recovery from sore or tight muscles!

It’s time to welcome those tiny spikey (albeit scary) massage balls into your life, as we show how they can help alleviate pain, increase mobility, improve blood flow and aid in recovery from sore or tight muscles!

Plus they are FREE to use!

Here are some simple massage ball exercises that you can start today. 



Look after those feet. Put the massage ball on the floor underneath the arch of your foot. By rolling the massage ball underfoot and varying the body weight you apply to it, you will work on your tendons and fascia.



Roll the ball up from your Achilles Tendon along your calves. Make sure you work both the inside and outside of your calves and into the back of your knee, as this tends to be a tight area for a lot of people. Try pointing and flexing your foot whilst doing this, as this will add a different dimension to your massage.



Place the massage ball on the ground and gently roll your hamstring over it. This part of the body is a thicker muscle, so to add a deeper massage, cross your other leg over the top.



This area is often filled with tension due to prolonged sitting. With the ball on the ground, keep rolling towards your buttocks. Try crossing your legs or slightly leaning to one side to get an even deeper massage.


Hip Flexors

Roll onto your side with the massage ball on the floor and again allow yourself to roll.



With increased tension in the neck, this is one exercise you may want to try each day. But please roll the ball gently around this area. You can either roll the ball using your hand OR place the massage ball between your neck and a wall so that you can massage whilst sanding.



There is a lot of ground to cover with your back so focus on the areas that are tighter or hold onto more tension. The most common areas for massage are the lower back or in-between your shoulder blades. Try bending your knees up or extending your arms out for a different level of massage.



We often forget about our arms, but they can equally hold onto tension. Use the massage ball from the palms, through to your forearms and into your biceps.


If at any point you experience sharp or chronic pain or pins and needles, stop immediately and seek professional advice or contact us directly

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