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11 tips to help you stay healthy on holiday

Our Colchester Osteopaths share their simple tricks to help you relax and return from holiday in great shape.

Of course it’s important to make the most of your holiday…after all for most of us it’s crucial and precious time away from “Everyday life”.


And although it’s important to not deprive yourself or adhere to strict guidelines, it is also beneficial for you to take a few steps to ensure you stay healthy and well during your time away.

  1. Try to avoid processed and junk food at airports / service stations. As tempting as they are, these will give you an immediate sugar rush, followed quickly by an energy slump.
  2. Whilst travelling and on holiday drink plenty of water.
  3. However you're travelling...pack your own food to help you resist the temptation to buy fast food (plus it's cheaper)
  4. Be selective at breakfast. Continental breakfasts are not always the healthiest. High in protein options such as eggs are more filling and may help prevent mid-morning cravings.
  5. Steer clear of rich dishes (creamy sauces or pastries) or anything that’s described as being pan fried, deep fried, sautéed, flambéed or roasted will have been cooked with oil.
  6. Be careful at the buffet and make clever choices by looking at what’s there rather than starting at one end and ­working your way along. Decide what you’re eating and ignore the rest.
  7. It’s an idea to pack your gym kit. Many of us lose motivation to get back into our healthy routines for a week or so after a holiday, so it pays to be ready to use the hotel gym or find a picturesque running / walking route.
  8. Take advantage of local and seasonal food. If you’re staying by the sea, eat lots of fresh grilled fish. Oily fish is particularly good as it’s rich in Omega 3, which keeps your skin hydrated and encourages healthy digestion as well as weight loss.
  9. Most people work hard and experience a lot of stress, so it’s important not to try to do too much on holiday. Sleep as much as you can – get to bed (relatively) early, lie in and take naps to help your adrenal glands recover and encourage relaxation.
  10. If you are planning a “Heavy” night then eat plenty of protein first and try to alternate glasses of alcohol with water. A couple of glasses of red wine is the best option. Cocktails are the worst due to the sweet mixers and sugar in them.
  11. Lying in the sun feels great but you actually only need 10 minutes of unprotected sunshine to get your daily dose of vitamin D. After that always use sunblock.


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