Work related injury treatment

Work related injury treatment at The Mersea Road Clinic Colchester

What are work related strains and pains?

Problems related to work such as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are becoming increasingly prevalent and account for a significant portion of days missed at work.

When we are just sitting at a desk, our spine and back muscles are working to support us and most people will experience postural related pain at some point which can generally be relieved by rest or change in position.

However, over time if these same poor postures continue then pain occurs, which is a sign of postural stress that may require treatment to resolve.


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Posture pain and muscular stress


The design of some equipment and furniture used in work spaces can play a huge part in muscular stress and injury.

Most damage that we do to our joints and muscles is cumulative as a result of repeated small stresses (e.g. repetitive use of a screw driver or computer mouse puts stress on the muscles of the arm that twist the wrist leading to tennis elbow).

Intense manual work can lead to muscular and bony stress, for example when the vertebral bodies are continually loaded with uneven stresses by being loaded more heavily on one side compared to the other with jobs that involve lifting.