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7 signs you may be heading for an injury

Our Colchester Osteopaths tackle 7 signs that you may be heading for injury

You over train for fear of missing sessions or working towards a goal


You'd be surprised the number of people that think cramming in training sessions to make up for missing a few days is a GOOD thing. Too much training and not enough recovery adds huge amounts of stress to your body and can lead to injury and illness. This ultimately can put you behind in your training for days or weeks. Missing a few sessions will not impact your overall fitness and can infact benefit your body.


You are not sleeping well


Our bodies heal during sleep. Poor quality sleep will lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and energy, which can lead to injury and illness.


You are restricting what you are eating.


We are surrounded by fad yo-yo diets which make you believe cutting certain foods out is a good thing. Food is fuel. If you are undernourished, you’re chance of injury and illness increases substantially. To perform well you need to ensure you are eating a balanced diet containing the necessary nutrients that your body needs.


You’re dreading your training


We all dread a workout from time to time. However, a build-up of anxiety can lead to increase in effort and stress you put on your workout during your session. This in turn will add more stress to your body, which increases your risk of injury and illness.


You go straight to your workout from your desk chair or car


Many of us cannot avoid spending hours sat at a desk. However, the sudden move from inactivity to exercise can lead to an array of stress, injury and illness. Incorporating a good 10 minutes worth of warm up stretches and exercises will help your body adjust carefully.


Your pace or strength is decreasing.


There can be a number of causes for this such as insufficient recovery between sessions, oncoming illness, a tougher workout than usual or personal/work issues. Continuing to train when you know something is not quite right, can quite easily increase your risk of aches, pains, and injury.


You encounter a string a bad training sessions


One bad session is fine, but if you are experiencing three or more in a row then this is a clear sign something isn’t right. Although you may not have specific pain or aches, there may be an injury lingering under the surface that is affecting your performance. In addition, over tiredness can lead to injury so it’s essential to take a rest for prevention and maintenance.


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