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5 tips to prevent running injuries

Our Colchester Sports Therapists share their top 5 tips to prevent stress related running injuries


Try our top 5 tips to prevent running injuries




Ill fitted trainers can cause no end of issues for your body. Seek advice and help from a podiatrist, physio or a specialist running shop who can measure your gait on a treadmill or scanner. They can then advise you on the best type of trainer for you to help prevent injuries.


Watch yourself running


Correct posture when running is key to a good running technique. So although this sounds bizarre…film yourself running and share this with an expert who can advise on asymmetrical movements from the front and the side. They will be able to notice any mistakes you may be making and advice on how to adjust this accordingly.

Vary your running routine


Change is good for the body and mind so gradually try different surfaces, distances, speeds and inclines on your runs. Doing the same thing constantly can lead to a number of injuries such as Runners Knee or Plantar Fasciitis.


Shorten your steps


Taking smaller steps will change the load and impact on your body and can actually help in the prevention and recovery of tendon injuries.


Know your body and ne aware of any signs of stress injury


Injury can occur when stress exceeds the body’s ability and can worsen if the body isn’t given enough time to recover. Too much running or impact can result in stress fractures. Generally with a stress fracture you may notice a sharp, aching or burning pain that comes on as the run progresses and continues afterwards.


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