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25 mistakes runners cannot stop making

Are you guilty of making these running mistakes?

How many of these can you tick off?

  1. Training through an injury…even though you know you shouldn’t
  2. Going out too fast
  3. Ignoring the CORE…which is most of us
  4. Wearing too many layers for a long run
  5. Not warming up or down
  6. Piling on the training before a race
  7. Going out the night before…again
  8. Not having regular massages
  9. Forgetting your gloves
  10. Being negative about your ability and lacking confidence
  11. Not factoring in rest or easy days
  12. Not drinking enough water…before, during and after your run
  13. Not charging your phone or GPS watch
  14. Going out too fast in a race
  15. Not giving yourself a break…Mentally and physically
  16. Not eating the right nutrients
  17. Wearing the same trainers for years…even though the grip has gone and holes have appeared
  18. Not cross training or strength training
  19. Running the same route every week
  20. Being obsessed by what others are doing and comparing yourself
  21. Overeating after your long run…we’ve all been there
  22. Not giving yourself enough time after an injury
  23. Forgetting to take loo roll to a race
  24. Trying our new trainers or socks on the race day!
  25. Not starting our watch when we start running 
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