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14 alternative self care tips

Our Colchester Osteopaths share their own 14 self care hacks

Our Colchester Osteopaths share their own 14 self care hacks 

It's incredibly important to invest some time in YOU to help manage your physical and mental health AND it start with some of these simple hacks from our team:


  • Unfollow people who make you feel down
  • Try your first ever Virtual exercise class
  • Cook one of your favourite childhood meals
  • Clean out your cutlery draw
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Watch your favourite film
  • Give yourself a massage with a tennis ball or invest in a foam roller
  • Pre order the next 3 months worth of birthday cards for your friends and family
  • Take a proper lunch break...make yourself some lunch and eat it away from your desk 
  • Update your music playlists with songs that genuinely make you smile
  • Wash your pillows! The fresh smell this will give you at night time will instantly relax you
  • Clean out your tea or coffee stained mugs
  • Buy a magnetic white board and schedule your meals and chores for the week ahead
  • Set an alarm on your phone to stretch every hour throughout the day
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