Back & Neck Pain

Back pain affects most people at some point in their life. It is a symptom that indicates malfunctioning in the spine so early episodes of back pain, that come and go, should not be ignored. The most common area affected is the lower back but problems can occur anywhere along the spine and symptoms can manifest in areas all around the body.

Common Back & Neck Pain Symptoms

Back PainBack and neck pain is usually described as an ache, or stiffness, with sharp pain on certain movements but the types of pains people get vary. There are many underlying causes of back pain and symptoms can be exacerbated by many things such as physical and emotional stress. Some people may describe a specific injury to their back, such as twisting or lifting awkwardly whereas others have a gradual occurrence of back pain often related to work or posture.

Malfunctioning of the back, specific injury to the joints or discs will cause pain and restriction. It also causes important postural muscles to become tight which then causes further discomfort and with extreme cases of back injury can affect the nerves that exit the vertebral column.

Back & Neck Pain Specialists

Neck painOsteopathy assesses the spine looking for areas of restriction, pain, injury and muscle tightness. Osteopathic treatment will then address these restrictions using a variety of techniques such as spinal manipulation.

Here at the Mersea Road Clinic in Colchester, our Osteopaths aim to get your back functioning as well as it can to relieve your current complaint, pain and restriction, and then avoid future injury.