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7 of the most common Physiotherapy myths debunked

Our Colchester Physiotherapist debunks 7 of the most common physiotherapy myths

Our Colchester Physiotherapist Joe debunks 7 of the most common physiotherapy myths


MYTH: A Physio will tell me stop doing what I love
In actual fact movement is one of the best forms of rehab so a Physio will work with you to develop a programme to get you back to fitness as quickly and safely as possible.


MYTH: Physio's just teach exercises and send people home.
Physio's will use a range of treatment options AND if they use an exercise regime, they'll make sure you practice and understand the exercises thoroughly before leaving the clinic. 


MYTH: You need a doctor’s referral
You do not need to be referred by a doctor. Physio's are trained first line responders.


MYTH: Surgery is my only option.
In many cases, physiotherapy has been shown to be as effective as surgery in treating a wide range of conditions.


MYTH: Physiotherapy is only for injuries and accidents.
Physio's do a lot more than just stretch or strengthen weak muscles after an injury or surgery. 


MYTH: I need an X-Ray/MRI/ultrasound before my physio can treat me.
Imaging won’t pick up a stiff joint, tight muscles, or weak muscles. Physio's are extremely thorough when screening their patients and will take a very detailed medical history and perform specific assessments.


MYTH: Physiotherapy is Supposed to Hurt
Physio can be uncomfortable but quite often it is tolerable and downright comfortable.


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