Osteopathy & Getting Older

At Mersea Road Osteopathic Clinic, in Colchester we understand that our bodies go through a lot in a life time. Osteopathy respects the bodies’ amazing ability to adapt and heal to these stresses. However, as we get older this adaptability reduces as our tissue elasticity decreases and our joints become more compressed. The increased risk of other health issues as we age, such as heart disease and diabetes, also make the body less efficient at repair and healing.


Many of you may have heard of, or been told that you have osteoarthritis with older age. This is true but is not as scary as it sounds. Osteoarthritis just means that the cartilage in your joint as worn away resulting in compression of the joint. Many people will have this and not even realise because it is not always painful. The joint only becomes painful when it is inflamed or the surrounding muscles become tight to protect what the body feels is instability in the joint. The most common joints affected are the knees, hips and joints of the spine (especially in the neck and low back).

Using Osteopaths to treat osteoarthritis

The Osteopathic treatments you will experience in our clinic in Colchester for osteoarthritis or general aches and pains associated with old age, are likely to be de-compressive manipulative techniques and specific massage around the affected joints. This is based around a whole body assessment and diagnosis. However there are a number of other types of Osteopathic treatment you may want to explore with your osteopathic practitioner to maintain good joint health. For example, we also offer dry needling, laser therapy and exercise programmes.

The main aim of our treatment here at Mersea Road, Colchester Osteopathy clinic, is to maintain movement within compromised structures and to prevent further injury & wear and tear, so you can function at your best no matter what age you are.

For more information please call and one of our team will be happy to advise you about osteopathic treatment.