Cranial Osteopathy

cranial osteopathy in babiesCranial osteopathy, practiced at the Mersea Road Clinic Colchester, is a soothing and restful form of osteopathic treatment and diagnosis that involves feeling the bones of the head and pelvis. Cranial osteopathy is governed by the same principles as all osteopathic treatment, which is assessing how the body functions and addressing tension and restriction within it.

Cranial osteopaths work on the principles that the mechanisms of health maintenance taking place within the body are expressed in tissue quality and subtle movements of the bones. Therefore, osteopaths are trained to feel these movements and expression through what is termed the involuntary mechanism.

What can be treated with cranial osteopathy?

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy can treat a wide range of conditions and can be applied to any area of pain and dysfunction in the body. It is often associated with the treatment of babies and children however anyone of any age can be treated using cranial osteopathy.

Conditions such as pregnancy related pains, unsettled babies and children, special needs and learning difficulties are often treated using cranial osteopathy at the Mersea Road Clinic.

Cranial osteopathic treatment can also be incorporated into any treatment and works well in conjunction with more standard manipulative treatment that you may be familiar with.

What should I expect with cranial osteopathy

While your cranial osteopath is feeling the involuntary mechanism, most likely by holding your head, you may feel sensations such as warmth, relaxation and release of tension. After cranial treatment patients may feel energised or calm and relaxed.

Cranial osteopathy is offered by many of the Osteopaths at the Mersea Road Clinic in Colchester. If you feel this is a type of treatment you would like to try then please phone the clinic and one of our Osteopaths can discuss it further with you.