COVID-19: Update and advice

Mersea Road Update and Advice on COVID-19

COVID-19: Update and advice

The situation is rapidly evolving as the UK moves into a ‘delay’ phase to slow the spread of the disease and we are all closely monitoring sources to understand the impact to both the function of our clinic and therefore our patients.

While this situation is fluid, and the advice may change, currently we are following Government advice in terms of both ourselves and our patients:

  • We are establishing if individuals have travelled to and/or from those countries of concern e.g. Italy/China etc. – this information can be found on the Foreign Office website which will have the most up to date information on travel.
  • If any of our practitioners and staff have had any contact with individuals we follow the ‘self-isolate’ guidelines as per Government advice.
  • If a patient arrives with symptoms of flu (even if they have not travelled) we may decline treatment as a precaution.
  • As an Osteopathic Clinic, we have and always will provide the highest level of hygiene possibly both within our clinic, public places and for our patients health in line with the health and safety legislation. This includes:
    • Sanitisers/gel for all staff and patients’ use in public areas and clinic rooms.
    • Sanitising wipes for all surface areas (e.g plinths) and/or equipment post each individual patient.
    • Sanitise all public areas at the end of a day’s session, e.g desks/chairs etc with relevant sanitiser.
  • As Osteopaths and healthcare professionals we are able to adapt our usual practice for the benefit of our patients. This may include increased telephone contact for follow-up with our patients, particularly those most vulnerable.  Any consultations, including those by telephone, will still be chargeable at our normal fee, as these charges are for our time as a healthcare professionals.

We will continue to share relevant information and implications for our patients as soon as possible.

Thank you

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